Give your Karma/Triton an adrenaline rush!

The latest chapter in our well-received Chemistry Series, this collection will inject your Karma or Triton* with a healthy dose of new GEs and inspirational jaw-dropping grooves.

Contains 64 incredible Combis for the Korg Karma & Triton*, making full use of the revolutionary KARMA function. Go ahead - bring your keyboard back to life!

* Triton Series requires KARMA Triton Software. Works with Triton Classic, Studio, Rack and Extreme. If you would like us to support Triton Le/TR, please send us an e-mail.

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  • Emphasizing “quality over quantity,” each of the 64 Combis is composed of a full 4 GEs, organically melded to create a sophisticated groove experience in different musical styles.
  • Features extensive real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls (8 knobs, 2 switches) and the other controllers (joystick, 4 knobs and 2 switches over joystick).
  • Includes grooves and sonic textures in a wide variety of styles, ranging from a mixture of Hip-Hop, Dance, Trance & Techno categories to Ambient, Jazz, Classical, New-Age & World/Ethnic categories.
  • Includes 128 brand new GEs created specifically for this collection, including drum beats, bass lines, riffs and more.
  • Each Combi is fully and meticulously documented in the accompanying 72 page User’s Guide.
  • Produced and mixed by KARMA Inventor Stephen Kay, with each combi going through a rigorous testing and quality control program.
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Note: Chemistry Vol. 3 requires that your Karma Workstation be updated to OS 2.0. If you have not done this, there's no reason not to, and every reason to do so! (It's free, and adds new features such as User GEs.) The OS updater and instructions can be located [here].

Free Demo/Bonus Combis 16k Windows - PCG file for your Karma/Triton
 Chem1_Free8.sit.hqx 29k Mac - PCG file for your Karma/Triton
 Free8_User’s_Guide.pdf 88k Acrobat format - for viewing on your computer, or printing.
These 8 free Combis are additional works by Paul, showing the quality of programming you can expect to find in Chemistry Volumes 1, 2 & 3. They are not part of the 64 Combis in any collection - you still get 64 completely new Combis, in addition to these 8. Consider them a free bonus! Also, be sure to download the User’s Guide explaining in detail the comprehensive realtime control capabilities.

User’s Guide
• Korg Karma Workstation
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control.
Detailed installation instructions for all of Karma-Lab's Sound Sets - tells you how to get more than one set into your Karma, along with the EXB04/05 Combis and GEs.
Additional instructions for KARMA MW Software on how to send the data via SysEx, instead of using a floppy.
• Korg Triton Series + KARMA Triton Software
User's Guide, with detailed performance notes for each Combi, and tips on how to get the most out of the built-in real-time control.
Detailed installation instructions for all of Karma-Lab's Sound Sets. Includes instructions on how to send the data via SysEx, instead of using a floppy or other media.
For a listing of all 64 Combis in the collection, in order and by style category [click here].

Actual User Reviews (Of Chemistry Vol. 3)
"Wow! I've spent the whole evening playing with the Chemistry 3 bank and so far I've only reached 025 Organic 2-Step. Colour me gobsmacked - this is truly great stuff!" - dave bourke

"This is the best Combi set to date, and that's saying something, because I love most of the previous sets. I've already gotten a lot of inspiration from this one, so don't be surprised to hear parts of these in some of my future compositions. Thanks Eric, Paul, and Stephen, for a top notch set of inspiration." - jtphunk

"this is in deed the very best set you folks made. it is just.... SUPERB!!!!!!!!!" - laughingbear

"I'm an old Karma fan, trust me: this new KLab set is pure wonder! I love the folk music spirit, which is quite new (the musical fox, country jamboree...) in Karma sets; lot of poprock guitars too... and the usual transe/ethno/deeppads combis...some jazzy too... It's various and very musical..." - flibust

"Hi...I had a listen to your Demos...very exciting...GREAT SOUNDS...I love 'em....I have to have it...." - mawd

"Chemistry 3 is more than amazing... and the Karma is utilized to its max. Thank you very much and congratulations. Hopefully we might see Chemistry 4 and Reincarnation 2 and "Karma Sound Revival" 1,2,3,4,5,6,..." - traugott

"Great job on Chem3 Lads......... thanks........... Programming to this standard will certainly keep the old girl alive. Now when can we expect Chem4?" - bonkwell

"Got mine yesterday, and this is a GREAT set! Many thanks to all for this great effort and superb documentation." - machaut96

"Just received and loaded mine.... AWESOME - this is the best yet!!! Great work (again) Stephen - thanks - excellent value for money." - karmathanever

"I have my copy of Chemistry 3 only a day in the old red synth and so far got only time to audition those Oasys recreations. But what a sound and control. It's wonderfull and certainly worth the long wait. wonderfull programmers,you did it again." - zoetoichi