Certifiably Insane Product Demos...

Musical robots, machine-gun toting conductors, an out of control bull-fight, a samurai who hates traditional Japanese music, a volcanic explosion, rampaging indians and the U.S. Calvary - these are product demos?!?

Sequencing expert Stephen Kay pulls out all the stops on these wacky and wonderful tunes which have convinced tens of thousands of people world-wide to lay out their hard-earned cash for various keyboards and sound modules. You won’t believe that each of these tunes was sequenced on one piece of gear and one piece of gear only! Neither do the people who frequently e-mail Stephen asking him how he does it.

Not all of them are humorous - many are simply awesome demonstrations of musicianship and sequencing skills, such as the set that shipped with the Korg Trinity.

“...exceeds the wildest fantasies of a musique concréte artist.”
- Titus Levi, Keyboard Magazine.

“His sense of drama... marks Kay as an artist of humor, passion, and imagination.”
- Bob Doerschuk, Keyboard Magazine.

“I’ve always admired, in particular, Kay’s ability to make real instrument phrases breathe naturally. ...somehow his ability to construct expressive patches and performances always seemed a bit more convincing than that of many of his peers.”
- Gary Eskow, Mix Magazine.

Product Demos (By Year, Product)

Name Size Time Year Product
WKORG Radio 20.7 mb 15:05 1991 Korg 01/W
Tooning Up/Pas De Deux 4.4 mb 3:14 1991 Korg 01/W (Classical Card)
Back East 2.2 mb 1:37 1991 Korg 03 R/W
Fusion Days 3.0 mb 2:11 1991 Korg 03 R/W
Wild West! 3.2 mb 2:20 1991 Korg 03 R/W
Moon Police 4.3 mb 3:09 1992 Korg 01/W (Synth/Sound Design Card)
Robot World 4.2 mb 3:05 1992 Korg 01/W (Synth/Sound Design Card)
Glory Road 4.1 mb 2:59 1993 Korg i2/i3
Two Friends 4.6 mb 3:21 1993 Korg i2/i3
Bach's Bad Dream 4.0 mb 2:55 1994 Alesis QuadraSynth
Cyberfunk 3.2 mb 2:20 1994 Alesis QuadraSynth
Around The World 9.8 mb 7:09 1994 Korg X5DR
Aborigine Hop 3.1 mb 2:14 1995 Korg Trinity
Network Sports! 1.6 mb 1:08 1995 Korg Trinity
Ready For Radio 6.3 mb 4:35 1995 Korg Trinity
Suite For Claude 3.5 mb 2:34 1995 Korg Trinity
The Biggest Band 2.4 mb 1:45 1995 Korg Trinity
The Sorcerer 6.6 mb 4:46 1995 Korg Trinity
Tune In Again... 5.4 mb 3:53 1995 Korg Trinity
Nth Degree 7.7 mb 5:37 1996 Korg N-Series (US)
Planet KARMA 5.9 mb 6:24 2001 Korg Karma


10.8 mb 7:52 2007 Korg M3

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All songs © 1991-2007 by Stephen Kay. All Rights Reserved.

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Selected Song Descriptions

"I often have a sort of movie in my mind while I'm writing these - I like a demo sequence to tell a story, in addition to just showing off the capabilities of the synth and sounds. So you might consider these to be "sound tracks for imaginary short films." Here's a few of the more picturesque ones." - Stephen Kay


Hop on your own private jet - a wacky 7 minute montage that takes you to 17 different places around the world. Probably the only demo sequence ever in which over 10,000 people are killed or injured! (In Spain a flamenco guitarist and trumpet player get trampled during a bull fight, in Italy an accordianist, ocarina player and mandolist get caught in a mob gun battle, in Africa a marauding lion gets a few natives, in Japan a samurai dispatches the koto, shamisen, and shakuhachi players, in Bali the whole island goes when a volcano erupts, and more!)

Around The World 9.8 mb 7:09 1994 Korg X5DR


Free form, chain-of-thought classical cartoon music in the style of famed Warner Bros. composer Carl Stalling, which then segues into...

PAS DE DEUX (Dance For Two)

It starts out as a thrilling, symphonic classical piece. But what happens when the pianist and violinist are supposed to trade cadenzas? The pianist goes wild and has to be silenced with a machine gun! Even that doesn’t stop him the first time - he returns for one more pathetic riff on his broken piano before being blown to bits!

Tooning Up/Pas De Deux 4.4 mb 3:14 1991 Korg 01/W (Classical Card)



On a bleak distant planet, two buzzing and clanking mechanical androids meet and exchange insults. What happens next is a musical jam that begins with them beating on their body parts and whizzing and whirring their various extrusions, and escalates into a frenzy of synthesized polyrhythmic tech-rock.

Robot World 4.2 mb 3:05 1992 Korg 01/W (Synth/Sound Design Card)


A group of cowboys are peacefully relaxing around the campfire, playing the banjo, accordian, guitar and harmonica, when - an arrow whisks through the air! The indians are attacking the panoramic western town. But wait? Was that a bugle call? It’s the U.S. Calvary to the rescue!

Wild West! 3.2 mb 2:20 1991 Korg 03 R/W


Tired little Johann is peacefully noodling with what will become his Prelude and Fugue in A Minor on a pipe organ, when he drifts into slumber and happily dreams that an orchestra has taken over the theme. Suddenly, it turns into a schizophrenic nightmare! A percussive organ the likes of which he has never heard before has taken over, along with a pounding thrashing collection of drums and cymbals, a low throbbing bass, and - my god, what’s that wailing, weird, resonant synthetic thing? Once again the orchestra takes over, and Johann’s breathing slows. Suddenly, the weird instruments return! Back and forth it goes - who will win?

Bach's Bad Dream 4.0 mb 2:55 1994 Alesis QuadraSynth


Joe Listener switches on the car radio, and comes in on the middle of a bombastic classical piece. He listens for a few moments, then changes the channel. It’s some kind of pop dance music. But wait - is it the same song or isn’t it? He switches stations again - a choir is singing a minor version of the same theme. He switches again - is that a country jam playing the same motif? Back and forth he goes - there’s no escaping the theme from hell! Wildly pressing buttons, narrowly avoiding a polka version, he finally settles on a live progressive rock rendition, featuring a drum solo you may not believe came out of a sequencer.

WKORG Radio 20.7 mb 15:05 1991 Korg 01/W


A sorcerer limps into the room and starts making passes in the air with his hands. Shimmering cadenzas of sound and light pour forth. Yet the music begins to take an evil turn and escalates into a frenetic techno extravaganza chock-full of computer-generated algorithmic effects, before exploding in a random cascade of bells which continue circling around the sorcerer’s head as he limps away.

Note: first public use of the KARMA Technology in a sequence.

The Sorcerer 6.6 mb 4:46 1995 Korg Trinity