Sorry about the legal language, but we have to be clear about a few things regarding the discount:


Qualifying Products:

• KARMA Motif Software
• KARMA M3 Software
• KARMA M50 Software
• KARMA Kronos Software

If you are a registered owner of one of the above qualifying PC/Mac software programs, and you also own a Korg OASYS yourself, for your own use, you may purchase KARMA Oasys for a special discount.

This does not apply to owning some model of a Korg Keyboard, or any Karma-Lab sound sets. It only applies to the above listed PC/Mac software programs.

This only applies if you originally purchased the previous software from us (Karma-Lab) directly. Copies received from Korg for free or a promotional price do not qualify. Copies purchased from Korg dealers or distributors do not qualify. Copies purchased on e-bay or license-transfered to you from a previous owner do not qualify. If you did not order it directly from us, please do not claim the discount, it will only delay your order. Thank you!

$169 msrp - $40 discount = $129.

To receive the discount, order at the Karma Lab Store and enter the requested information (your KARMA Software Customer Registration Number, which was sent to you in your original download email or provided in the box if you ordered a CD, and which has the format KXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).

NOTE: Price and discount may be different from illustration above during special sales and holiday sales. Consult the store for the final price with discount.

Non-Qualifying Products:

• KARMA MW Software
• KARMA Triton Software

The above legacy products, which are now being sold at half-price, no longer qualify for the KARMA Oasys previous owner discount.


  1. You may not sell the older software. By using your Customer Reg. Number to get a discount, you are giving up the right to transfer it to anyone else. This information will be entered in our database. You may not sell it in the future or transfer it to anyone else. (If you do want to sell the software and transfer the license to someone else, then simply don't claim the discount.)

  2. You may not transfer your license to the older software to someone else, and then later try to use that Customer Reg. Number for a discount. In other words, you may not sell the previous software to someone else, thereby transferring the license, and then later try to claim a previous owner discount. You can only apply for the discount if you still own the previous software license.

  3. You may not sell the new software in an unregistered state. The idea is not to get the software at a discount, and then later try to sell it unused on ebay and make a profit. If we see the software trying to be registered by someone else with your reg. number, and it has never been registered by you, then it will be disallowed. (Once you have registered the software, you may still transfer it to another owner according to the License Transfer Policy.)

  4. You may not use a Registration Number that has already been used for a discount in the past. In other words, you cannot use the same previous purchase to get a discount twice.

  5. You may not purchase a copy of KO for someone else (using your Customer Reg. Number), or give your copy of either software package to someone else, or sell it on E-bay or by any other means. If we determine that a particular user has done this, we will not authorize or register the affected copy to ANYONE, we will not refund any money to anyone, and the particular user will not be allowed to upgrade to any future versions of KARMA Software.

We hope that you will understand that this discount is given to registered Karma-Lab Customers to allow them to also take advantage of the KARMA Technology on their OASYS provided they actually also own an OASYS, and provided they do not then try to sell the other piece of software. Any other use of this discount is considered to be fraud and misrepresentation and will be treated accordingly. We thank you for your understanding and support!