New! Version 3.3 adds support for Xpansion Pack 1 - 32 new Performances!  ♦  [Read more...]

Now supports 6 Yamaha instruments: XF, XS, MOXF, MOX, Rack-XS, S70/S90 XS
Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10

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KARMA Motif Video Introduction You may know KARMA from the fact that it's been an important feature of many Korg high-end workstations, such as the Kronos, OASYS, M3 and original Karma Workstation. KARMA Developer Stephen Kay has now made it possible for Yamaha owners with a Motif XF, XS, MOXF, MOX, S70/S90 XS or Rack-XS to have an even more advanced version (v 3.3) of the same KARMA technology with the new release of KARMA Motif Software. Running on your PC (Mac/Windows), KARMA Motif provides you with all of the inspirational and interactive KARMA features of Korg's flagship workstations and then some - at a fraction of the cost. The only difference is that the KARMA engine is provided by the computer, not built-in to the keyboard. Yet it feels "built-in" since KARMA sends parameters and text information directly to the keyboard's Remote Mode display so that you can operate the software without even looking at the computer. KARMA Motif uses the Song/Mixing/Multi Mode of the Motif-based instruments to provide 16 part multi-timbral templates with the kind of fully interactive real-time controlled grooves that only KARMA can produce.

S.Kay NAMM 2012
A message from KARMA Developer Stephen Kay:

"Finally, the new KARMA Motif 3.3 Release is here, and the release of our first Xpansion Pack of 32 additional KARMA Performances! KMo continues to support six Yamaha models: the XF, XS, MOX, MOXF, S70/S90 XS and Rack-XS). And they all sound and work virtually identical and equally amazing (if I can say so myself). The software runs on all current Mac OS X versions, from 10.5.8 through Sierra 10.12, and all Windows versions from XP through Windows 10.

Stephen Kay demonstrates
I'm confident you'll find KARMA Motif to be an exciting program that will add a whole new dimension to the enjoyment and use of your Yamaha instrument."

Read: Interview with Stephen Kay at

Left/right: Stephen Kay demonstrating KARMA Motif at NAMM, January 2012


6 Supported Yamaha Instruments
Supports six different Yamaha instruments: Motif XF, Motif XS, MOXF, MOX, S70/S90 XS and Motif-Rack XS.
KARMA Motif Remote Control
The Motif XF, XS, MOXF, MOX and S70/S90 XS DAW Remote Mode
can be used for powerful and inspirational real-time control of your grooves.
External controllers such as Steinberg's CMC Series and even
Yamaha iPad apps can be easily integrated for further control.
  • Generate unique musical effects in real-time including: full-blown backing tracks, techno arpeggios & effects; dynamic drum/bass/synth grooves; dense rhythmic & melodic textures; natural sounding glissandos; guitar strumming and finger-picking; random effects; auto-accompaniment effects; gliding portamento and pitch bend effects.
  • Includes 491 Generated Effects (GEs, the individual phrase patterns) and 64 Performances using the instrument's Song/Mixing/Multi mode, where each of the 64 songs is a complete, 16 part multi-track KARMA algorithmic music groove. Each Performance features six KARMA Modules, with a left hand and right hand zone for controlling KARMA and soloing on top of it, and eight fully voiced and completely different scenes. The instrument's arps are also integrated in each Performance as additional elements that can be triggered via the Intelligent Chord Trigger Transposition features. And since you are already in Song Mode, you're just one step away from recording your KARMA-fied musical performances into the internal sequencer - or you can route the output to any DAW for external sequencing. Furthermore, a KARMA Performance can call up any Voice, Performance, Song, Pattern, or Master slot when loading, so that KARMA can be used in any of the instrument's modes.
  • KARMA Motif also debuts the newest, most advanced, third-generation KARMA 3.2 technology with a host of new features including:
    • 8-track design (6 KARMA Modules, 2 Keyboard Layers) per Performance
    • Per-track Volumes and Mutes stored in each of the 32 Scenes
    • Fill Feature - use one or more modules as a melodic or drum fill
    • Auto Fill Feature - automatically trigger a fill with each scene change
    • Advanced Stutter Feature - rapidly "stutter" the entire groove at different rhythmic resolutions
    • Master Transpose - play in one key, generate output in another, switchable in real-time
    • Intelligent Chord Trigger Transposition - control the instrument's arps, hits and SFX
    • Performance Notes Feature - integrated detailed documentation for each Performance
    • Remote Control Mode - maps the keyboard's Remote Mode to all of KARMA's interactive features
    • Extensively redesigned Single Window Interface
  • Access 400+ KARMA GE parameters for impressive musical results.
  • Graphical editing and creation of Drum Patterns, Rhythm Patterns, Duration Patterns, Index Patterns, Cluster Patterns, Velocity Patterns, CC Patterns, Wave-Sequence Patterns, Envelopes, Note Maps, and more!
  • Create new GEs, and edit existing GEs into new configurations.
  • Import phrases and drum grooves exported from the internal sequencer, or from any .MID source (such as external sequencers) and transform them into KARMA GEs. Automatically assign GE Parameters and RTC Models and instantly begin varying your phrase in the amazingly interactive KARMA manner.
  • Captivating, real-time visual display of the generated MIDI data.
  • Popup tooltips and context-sensitive Help provide comprehensive documentation of all features.
  • Available for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. See Minimum System Requirements.

 Screen Shots

 Minimum System Requirements

Windows Windows 
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,
    Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 32 or 64 bit
  • Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) or better
  • 1 GHz or faster
  • 256 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (if ordering on CD)
  • Color Monitor capable of 65,535 colors and 1024 x 768 resolution or larger strongly recommended
  • Yamaha USB Driver, FireWire Driver, or MIDI Interface (USB or FW recommended)
  • Yamaha Motif XF (6, 7, 8) ♦ Motif XS (6, 7, 8) ♦ MOXF (6, 8) ♦ MOX (6, 8) ♦ Motif Rack-XS ♦ S70/S90 XS
    (The software can send MIDI output to other synths, but requires one of these to be connected at all times.)
Mac OS Mac OS 
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 to 10.14.x
  • Not compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina or later [more...]
  • Intel Mac, 1 GHz or better
  • 256 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (if ordering on CD)
  • Color Monitor capable of 65,535 colors and 1024 x 768 resolution or larger strongly recommended
  • Yamaha USB Driver, FireWire Driver, or MIDI Interface (USB or FW recommended)
  • Yamaha Motif XF (6, 7, 8) ♦ Motif XS (6, 7, 8) ♦ MOXF (6, 8) ♦ MOX (6, 8) ♦ Motif Rack-XS ♦ S70/S90 XS
    (The software can send MIDI output to other synths, but requires one of these to be connected at all times.)

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Links to Demos of KARMA Motif in Action

Karma-Lab YouTube
Karma-Lab YouTube Channel: KARMA Motif Playlist

See/hear musical performances, demos, guided tours, tutorials and more, on KARMA-related keyboard products including the Korg Kronos, M3, OASYS, and Karma, and the Yamaha Motif XF and Motif series.

Latest News and Press
Keyboard Magazine review of Yamaha MOXF, including a mini-review of KARMA Motif Software

"KARMA Motif is a great addition to the MOXF and is well-suited for film and TV work as well as experimental songwriting - not to mention a very fun way to create mesmerizing solo performances. It's transformative, addictive to use, and adds major firepower to supported Yamaha workstations."

Actual User Comments
Version 3.2:
"Your product is still my best ever investment for its value." - Arpad

"You have the best customer service I ever experienced. Thanks a lot for this outstanding product, it already brought me so much joy!" - Michael

Version 3.1:
"KARMA Motif in its initial avatar was always an excellent piece of software and a great companion for the Motif series of synthesizers, but in the new 3.1 release you've really made it shine even more! With the added support for MOXF, MOX, Rack-XS (in addition to Motif XS/XF) and, very importantly, for OS X 10.7 and beyond, KMo has taken a giant leap forward. A must-have software for any Motif-lover with a desire to fly beyond the sky!" - vsharma.india

Version 3.0:
"A brilliant product. Very easy to use on Motif. Most OUTSTANDING documentation, equally brilliant! Web site absolutely FIRST CLASS. Quality throughout." - Tom

"I've been through almost everything and every Performance, everything working fine on my copy. It is hard to stop playing, I've been at it since yesterday evening late." - 16bars

"haven't got off Industrial Strength (first performance) yet - 12 hours - changing the GE data and voices on Song .... got Smoke On The Water at the moment :-) Historic Software - thank you!" - Mic

"Extraordinary effort...! This is no ordinary software - I now completely understand why it took so long. There are just too many things going on here - mind boggling to say the least." - vsharma.india

"I'm LOVING KARMA (KMo). I'm a crappy keyboard player - actually I am really just a guitar player with a bunch of synths. My Motif XS7 is/was basically a big space sucking sound module! I'm not up on Song mode, Master mode, etc. but within 15 minutes with KMo - my interest was complete re-kindled in taking some real time to learn that beast and KARMA (I will probably will never use the XS7 without KARMA)! Great piece of SW!" - Larry

"It's in - it's on - it rocks! Stephen, it's a brilliant addition to the MOTIF - great job well done! Judging from the 'buzz' in the forums there's a lot of happy KMo users out there! Speaking of the Forums, I must compliment you on the format and clarity of the KARMA forums/info/docs etc. Additionally, my thanks to all the knowledgeable forum members who, via their postings, also contribute to assisting my vertical learning curve! - (as I have absolutely no idea how all the technology works - just know that it is great and makes music!)" - F#dim

"Pure bliss - karma 3.0 is jaw dropping, I just want to thank you so much for making such am amazing tool !! Everytime I sit down and play with karma motif 3.0 I become more enamored with it ... And ... time seems to fly by me haha. The performances are stunning !! I'm an owner of km3 (KARMA M3) too - which is awesome and has been my musical companion for a few years along with my other boards ... But ... I've gotta say karma motif is vastly superior ! I can't describe how fluid and seamless karma feels with the motif. It's really a match made in heaven - a perfect marriage for hardware and software. I always knew karma + motif would be magical. Thank you so much Stephen !!" - Flyby

"...just got my KARMA MOTIF software today , yes it sure is a masterpiece! Every part of this software you can see the pain-staking attention applied to the programming! I have a KORG M3, a KRONOS .. that I just love .. One big part of them is KARMA !! But now my MOTIFS XS/XF, well they are like New Keyboards again ... I got the software installed , And all I said was WOW! ...UNREAL!! so so very deep.. I could go on and on about this KARMA MOTIF SOFTWARE... As a professional Composer/Artist for over 40 years, I can see many new inspired compositions ..." - TotallyKenny

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
• What is KARMA?
KARMA® (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture) is a patented algorithmic MIDI data generating technology that takes input notes and controller movements and generates complex musical phrases and effects - from single melodic phrases you can integrate into your productions, to complete backing tracks suitable for song creation. KARMA provides independent real-time control over various aspects of a musical phrase, such as rhythm, duration, accents, chord density, pitch bending, tonal variation, panning, repeats, wave-forms, randomization, etc. Some people refer to it as "an arpeggiator on steroids," although even that description doesn't do it justice. It's simply the most advanced music generation technology available! [Read more...]

What is KARMA? - (full article)
• Why is KARMA different from an arranger keyboard, or an algorithmic composer?
KARMA is a parameter-based approach to generating musical effects and phrases, rather than a musical data-based approach. It is not a system that plays back prerecorded MIDI phrases through Note Transposition Tables, like most arranger systems (or phrase generation systems). It is also not a system where you set up parameters, press a button, and sit back and listen to the "music" it generates - it is not the type of system that is supposed to "evolve" a piece all by itself, according to parameter settings. That's because one of the ideas behind KARMA is that the user is always in control of how the music is generated. If you want the rhythmic complexity to increase at a certain point, well then, you vary the parameter(s) that can cause that to happen with a real-time control at the point that you want it to happen. Of course, KARMA provides scenes that can change many parameters all at the same time at once, essentially shifting the music being generated to a completely different variation instantly. [Read more...]

How does KARMA Work? - (full article)
• What is KARMA Motif?
It's Karma-Lab's newest third generation KARMA 3 technology, in a standalone PC/Mac software program exlusively designed for a group of Yamaha instruments (Motif XF, XS, MOXF, MOX, S70/S90 XS and Rack-XS). It's an even more-advanced version of the same KARMA Technology that is built into Korg's award-winning Kronos, M3, and Oasys Workstation keyboards. By utilizing your computer and the software, connected to your Yamaha instruments via Yamaha's USB or FW Driver, you can effectively "add KARMA to your Yamaha", turning it into a unique, fully interactive real-time controlled groove machine unlike anything else!
• Does it somehow install "into" the Yamaha instrument?
No, it cannot be installed directly into the device. It runs on your computer, and communicates with your Motif-based instrument via MIDI through Yamaha's USB or FireWire driver (or even a standard MIDI Interface, although this is not recommended). There are no modifications to the instrument (other than loading our data files containing voices and songs/multis) or the instrument's OS (operating system). However, when using KARMA Motif with your keyboard's Remote Mode controlling the software, a "Real-Time Information Stream" of parameters and text and values is sent from the software directly to the screen of the keyboard, allowing you to control the software without looking at the computer and making it feel as if the software is actually inside the keyboard. Examples of this powerful feature can be found here: XF and XSMOXF and MOX.
• How do I use KARMA Motif?
Using KARMA Motif is similar to using the on-board arpeggiators of the Yamaha instrument, except far more advanced and versatile. KARMA has hundreds of parameters that can be varied in real-time, either from the on screen sliders and switches in the "Realtime Controls Editor," or via knobs, sliders and switches from an external control device, such as the Steinberg CMC-QC or CMC-PD, the Novation Remote 25, the Korg Nano series, etc.

You can jam with it, use it for inspiration to spark new song ideas, use it generate individual bass lines, synth parts, drum grooves etc. for your own tracks - it's almost like a loop collection that never gets stale, since the movement of a single knob or slider can give you a whole new loop. And it's easy to store your own variations and patterns in additional banks within the software - you can even import simple MIDI phrases and have them instantly turned into KARMA Generated Effects (GEs) that go far beyond the capabilities of the original phrases.
• How many Performances and Generated Effects does it come with (and are there more)?
KARMA Motif comes with 64 KARMA Performances, each of them corresponding to one of 64 Songs in the keyboards's Song Mode (or 64 Multis in the S70/S90 XS or Rack-XS Multi-Mode). Each song/multi is a complete, 16 part multi-track six-module KARMA algorithmic music groove, with a left hand and right hand zone for controlling KARMA and soloing on top of it, and eight fully voiced and completely different scenes. All of the EQ settings, IFX and MFX are professionally programmed, along with edits to the Voices and Drum Kits to create awesome sounding mixes right out of the box. The instrument's onboard arps are also integrated in each Performances as additional elements that can be added via KARMA's Intelligent Chord Trigger Transposition features. KARMA Motif comes with 491 Generated Effects (also referred to as GEs, which are individual phrase patterns). You can view the Performance list here, and Performance Notes for each of them:

KARMA Motif Factory Performance List

Our first "Expansion Pack" of 32 additional Performances and 133 new GEs has now been released:

KARMA Motif Xpansion Pack 1

You can view the Performance list here, and Performance Notes for each of them:

KARMA Motif Xpansion Pack 1 Performance List

(we plan at least another two sets and have another 54 Performances in various stages of completion at the time this was last updated.) You can find out whne they are released on the KARMA Motif Sounds Page.
• Can I record the results of the KARMA generation?
Yes, the impressive results generated by KARMA Motif can be recorded either as audio or as MIDI data.

We tried to make it particularly easy to record a KARMA Performance into your Yamaha instrument's internal sequencer. You can record a single Control Track with all of the button pushes, keyboard licks, controller moves, etc., such that playing it back completely recreates the Performance. Then, you can dump the output of that to separate MIDI tracks. Or, you could record the final results directly to audio tracks in an external DAW or recording device.

Secondly, the MIDI data generated by KARMA Motif can be recorded into external software sequencers such as Sonar, DP, Logic, and Cubase (using Virtual Interapplication Ports). You can then route the output of KARMA directly into your software-based sequencing program - the MIDI data can then be played back, edited, overdubbed etc. and become part of your project, while you use KARMA Motif to generate other parts.

We have detailed tutorials on "Sequencing with KARMA Motif" that can be viewed (with other tutorials) on the KARMA Motif Documentation page.
• Can I use KARMA Motif with other synths and soft synths?
Yes, but only if you actually have one of the supported Yamaha models connected to the software. The XF, XS, MOXF, MOX, S70/S90 XS or Rack-XS must be located on the global port settings. Then, you can send the algorithmic effects being generated by KARMA to any device that is part of your MIDI setup. By using KMo's Virtual Ports, you can also control many soft synths and audio generating programs such as Reason, plug-ins inside your favorite DAW, etc.
• I don't have one of the supported Yamaha instruments -
   are there different versions that I can use with other keyboards?
Yes! Please visit the KARMA Software page. There are also versions for the Korg M3, Korg M50, Korg OASYS, Korg Kronos, as well as legacy versions for the Korg Triton and Korg Karma.
• Is there a demo version I can try out?
Not at the moment, but we may produce one in the future.
• Can I look at the manual, documentation and tutorials before I buy it?
Yes, by going to the KARMA Motif Documentation page.
• Where can I purchase KARMA Motif, and how much does it cost?
You can purchase KARMA Motif directly from us at the Karma-Lab Store: BUY KARMA MOTIF. Please check the store for the current price and any special promotional offers.

The software is sold as a downloadable electronic version only (international customers) or your choice of a downloadable or physical CD package (USA only).
• Is the software copy-protected?
Yes - it is protected with a Challenge/Response authorization. This means that the program generates a unique code when it first opens, you register the code with us online, we send you back a response code, you enter the code, and your software is authorized on that particular computer. If you need to authorize it again (which may happen if you reformat your hard drive, re-install your OS, get a new computer etc.), you contact us and we give you a new code. For more information on the authorization process, including how to authorize a non-internet capable computer, see this document:

How To Authorize KARMA Motif.pdf
• Can I install the software on more than one computer?
Yes - The license allows the software to be installed and authorized on two computers owned and operated by a single user (i.e. a desktop and a laptop), provided only one is in use at a given time. If you require more than the two authorizations provided for, we will be happy to work with you to arrive at a solution.
• When I order the software, it asks me to choose an Operating System - does this lock me into a single OS?
No - the OS selection option on the store page serves two purposes: 1) to let us know what the user's main OS is, and 2) to make sure that the user is aware of which operating systems are actually available. Once you have ordered and are sent to the download page, you can download whichever OS you want from the full list of available operating system installers. If you choose to order the CD-ROM option (USA only), all of the installers for all operating systems are included on the CD.
• When I order the download option, how quickly is it delivered?
The download link for the software package will be sent to you as soon as a human reads the order. This can be within an hour, or sometimes not until the next day - it all depends what time it is and where you are in the world. We are a small company and do not (yet) have automated delivery methods. But we do check the orders all day (7 days a week), not just normal working hours, so you will get it in most cases within a few hours.
• Where can I get some more information or ask questions?
The Karma-Lab KARMA Motif Forum is a good place to find out about KARMA Motif and the supported Yamaha instruments. Ask a question in the KARMA Motif Software section. You can also send an e-mail to: